Server is under maintenance

The regular server is currently in maintenance. Do not worry, it'll be back up in a while. It just needs some love and care.

The website has been run by the same server for almost 10 years now. It has shown some wear on a couple of components which now have to be checked and looked after. Data and installation is safe. If everything is going according to plan the original machine will be placed back as strong (or maybe stronger) as before.

Last update: 11/11/2017

Estimated next update: 01/12/2017

Work done to get it back up:
-The machine has been checked in the datadentre
-Checked for operation on location (problem booting with full memory, but still working with less memory)
-The machine is taken out of the datacentre for further maintenance
-The machine has been cleaned from dust and debris
-The machine is visually checked on obvious faults
-PowerSuppply check
-CPU check
-Cooling check
-Media check
-Memory check (tested OK)
-General construction and setup
-The machine has been test run for errors (banks/modules), 100% single pass, multiple configurations
-One Electrolytic cap replaced which was obviously faulty
-Errors checked again

Dus to work, reinstall has been delayed. I'll be doing a proof of concept first, otherwise I'll replace the hardware instead of the rest of the actions.
Remaining items:
-Identify parts to replace
-Order parts
-Wait for order to arrive in the mail
-Install, replace, repair
-Test the machine again
-Run some updates/config while I'm at it
-IF successfull -> install it back into the datacentre